Andrew is back...

and he has grown so much since our 6 month session. We had the blessing of some really warm weather and so we headed down to the lake for a little bit. I hope you enjoy this little guy with his hats and his overalls and his sweetness.

The Sams

A childhood friend of mine just had her second set of twins. If ever I had to guess who God would bless with two sets of boy/girl twins, I wouldn't even hesitate before saying this couple. Their love for each other and their family is evident within moments of being around them. I felt honored to capture these moments of their precious little ones. I hope you enjoy.

Baby T and Family

Getting to take pictures of babies that are just days old is one of the highlights of my job. Nothing beats brand new little toes and fingers and noses. You really can't find anything sweeter than wrinkly foreheads and backs and arms. What is more precious than tiny ears and eyes and mouths? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, here you go E Family. Your little man in pictures. (And some of his proud sisters, too.)

Two peas in a pod

A very sweet friend of mine just gave birth to her second set of boy/girl twins. When I was given the opportunity to go to the hospital and take some pictures of them, my heart just melted. One brand new little baby is sweet enough, but you throw another one in the mix and it's all over for me. I could not take enough pictures. Not nearly enough. So, I pleaded with my friend to let me come back later next week to do a full session. They are going to have to kick me out...seriously. So, D Family, I hope you enjoy these pictures. More to come on your cd later this week. See you then!