I had a great time with this little guy and his family one day last month when I think the temperature was about 30 degrees out! But Little Man was all smiles and let me get some great shots anyway. Thanks guys. I'll see you at 9 months!


Fun. If I had to sum up this session in one word it would probably be the word fun. Or maybe funny. Or hysterical. Or perhaps side-splitting, smile-aching, camera-shaking hilarious. I knew when the first question I was asked when the session began was, " Can we take one in front of the fancy toilets?" that we were in for a crazy afternoon. The laughter started then and didn't stop until we parted at the cars...even then I'm pretty sure they were still laughing at my expense. So charming brother and sister, I hope you like your non-traditional, real-life, capture-the- crazy, but throw in some "nice" ones for grandma pictures. I really enjoyed taking them. And laughing until my eyes watered.

...and the winner is...

Back in October I was honored when asked to give a session as a raffle prize for Woman's Day at my church. When I found out this sweet gal was the winner, I was so excited! With Little Man's 1st birthday in December and Christmas just around the corner, we planned an outdoor session and prayed for good weather. The sun started setting on us, but we got some great pics before we lost the light.