Merry Christmas

Sweet little family. Sweet little girl. Sweet little dog. I just love all the sweet little things about my job.

I'm soooo behind...

Even though this session actually happened back in November, AND the family already has their cd, AND  I should actually be editing right now I wanted to post them.  I enjoyed this session.  I enjoyed meeting this family.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.   

It's a Wonderful Life

I am so blessed to have the job that I do.  The session that I did today was SO MUCH FUN!  We had to postpone the session by about 4 hours because of the rain, but once we got to the park the sun came out a little we were in business.  There were SO MANY great pictures from this session I had to narrow it down twice for the sneak peek.  So, here you go guys.  I really hope you had as much fun as I did and love your pictures. 

Little Man & Little Miss

I had a wonderful time on Saturday with this family. Little Man was so sweet and insisted on carrying around the purple tutu the whole time (just don't mention it to his daddy). Once we got Little Miss to stop looking straight up at the tree tops, we were set to take some great pictures. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Sugar and spice, and everything nice...

Photographing little ones is one of my favorite things to do. Even though there is usually more cuddling, shooshing, feeding and holding than actual picture taking, it's all worth it. I hope you enjoy your peek at your little one. She sure is sweet.

Sunny with a high of 68...hmmmm, maybe not.

Gorgeous setting...check! Fall colors...check! Steelers jersey...check! We had it all, except sunny weather. But that didn't stop us from enjoying the afternoon and getting a little windblown in the process. I'm looking forward to some spring pictures guys. Maybe the weather man will be a little more accurate next time!


Taking pictures of this family was such a breeze! The kids were so sweet and funny and had LOTS of ideas for different pictures I should take. Maybe I could hire them to help me with my next session! Oh, by the way, the dog's name is Sandy...

Pullen Park

Saturday I had a lovely time photographing the sweetest family. Even though the skies threatened rain and the growing humidity almost melted us, we had a good time and got some great pics. I hope you enjoy your sneak peak C family. It was hard to choose, but here are some of my favorites. It was so nice meeting you!


Three words: BIG blue eyes. Enjoy.

tiny purple hat

I love love love taking pictures of newborns. They are so wonderfully sleepy and naturally sweet. Last weeks session was no different. Baby "A" slept almost the whole time and then awoke with smiles and big gorgeous eyes. I had so much fun and got some great pics. I hope you like them.

Sneak Peek

This has been a week for the babies! I had the precious opportunity to photograph two little guys when they turned two months old. It took four of us changing clothes, placing and removing passys, or holding one baby or the other but we did it and the results are so sweet. Thank you for your trust in asking me to take these photos guys. I hope you like the sneak peek!

Sweet Sweet Baby "S"

Newborn sessions...there's nothing like them. Little toes. Little fingers. Little sleepy eyes. What a miracle of God to see such perfection on such a tiny scale. Thank you P family for letting me capture your little one. He was so good! And big sister M was quite the professional passy-holder. I'm really looking forward to your family session in October!

Sweet Summer

Little Miss M is back and showing off her mama's beautiful flowers. Our mini-session only lasted about 20 minutes before we just about melted from the heat and humidity, but we got lots of great pictures. Thanks again for the opportunity to photograph your little one. See you at Christmas.

One little, two little, three little princesses...

Thursday I got to hang out with Belle, Cinderella and, well Belle! I met these three girls and their Mama for a morning of dress-up, fun and pictures. Even though we had to compete with the mosquitoes and threatening rain, we had a lovely time and got some great shots. Thanks ladies! Hope to see you for those Christmas pics!

Keeping Up...

Beautiful family, beautiful lake, beautiful day...what more could I ask for? Smiles? Laughter? and tree-climbing? Fun? Yep! Got all that too. Thanks for letting me capture these moments M and S. I can't wait to get my lens on little N next!

L + J = A

One of my dearest friends just had her first baby. Upon hearing she was pregnant, I hoped she would allow me to photograph her little one, and when she asked, I was overjoyed. Not only did I get to take his pictures just hours after little "A" was born, I went back the next week for an infant session. So, here are some of the pics from both sessions. Is there anything sweeter than something so fresh from God? Congratulations L and J. I hope you enjoy...


This sweet couple was so fun to photograph. Their love for each other is so evident and it really came through in the pictures. I had such a great time capturing their relationship...and laughing, a lot, along the way. Thanks for such a great time guys. Let's do it again...this time when the azaleas ARE blooming.

Rhymes with Orange...

One of my favorite families is moving away from NC and heading to SC soon. But, before they left, they wanted some family portraits. We met at the Seminary where C spent a lot of his time the past several years. This beautiful place always lends itself to lovely photos, but I think for this family, it will also serve as a reminder of those of us who will miss them here, and the Mighty God that's calling them forward.

Time for some Funyon!

Today I was asked to take some pictures for friends of mine of their whole family. Though they have lots of pictures of Daddy and Little Man, there are very little with Mama too. So, we set out into their yard, and spent just a few minutes trying to hold Little Man still enough for a good shot. Except for one incident that included parting with a stick, and beating his daddy on the head, the whole session went really well. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks for asking guys...and O-Jive, I hope your head feels better soon.

Almost a Kindergartener

Today I got to photograph a little fairy. Her preschool doesn't do school photos, so I was asked to photograph her little girl ways, before she moved on to big girl Kindergarten. She was sweet and giggly and little bit shy with the camera. It seemed like she wanted to look anywhere but at me, however by the end of the shoot I think I had captured a little glimmer of her. I hope you like them J and E. See you next week for the family shoot.

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I love Jesus, first and foremost. He gives me the vision, ability and desire to capture these moments. If there is anything that you see here that you like, please give Him the credit. It's all God's handiwork...just my camera.

I love my family. I'm married with 3 boys. Yes, three boys. They are my most loud and valuable possession. They are also my most photographed subjects. Humor me, as you will see them over and over and over...

I love taking pictures. Of anything. Really. I know that my sweet husband breathed a sigh of relief when digital cameras became affordable. Now, I can take as many pictures as I want without developing and paying for the film. Genius.

I love capturing that moment...that picture that causes words to fail and all you can do is sigh, or laugh or tear-up because the picture is so true to the feeling of that moment. And it makes you remember...

I love photographing children because of their unintentional honesty and delight of the world. In outdoor settings, where children can run and laugh and play I find the most natural smiles, intense gazes and silly faces.

I love giving people the finished product, though I still feel nervous every time I hand a client the finished CD. I labor over every image. I scrutinize every detail. I can promise my heart is imprinted on every photograph. I know what it means to trust me with your family. With your memories. With your moments...and I am grateful.

I love...because He first loved me.


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