Phelps Family

I had a great time taking pictures of this family. I've known Caroline forever and have gotten to know her family over the past couple of years. Though it was freezing the morning of the session we eventually got a few smiles from Little Man. Little Miss was no problem at all, striking a pose whenever asked. Merry Christmas Phelps family. See you in the spring.

Smith Family

It's not often that I do a family session where the children are all teenagers. These sweet "kids" got their mom a session for her birthday. Though it was cold, we made the best of it and got some good shots. Happy Birthday Charlotte. I hope you like them.


I just love this family. Not only are they kind, generous, thoughtful, and encouraging. They are also gorgeous and so incredibly photogenic. Basically every photographer's dream. I had so much fun taking their pictures last fall, and this fall was no different. Thanks for calling me again. It was an honor and a privilege.

Thank you

It's so encouraging when I have families that call me back for more than one session. I've had the opportunity to photograph different members of this family three times now. One for a newborn session, one for a family session, and then this extended family session. It was so much fun to see how much the kids had grown since their last sessions. And anytime you throw a couple of dogs in the mix, I'm a happy girl. So, thanks Cobb family. It was a chilly, but fun time.


This little bundle was not too keen on taking her pictures by herself. Instead, she wanted mom or dad close by. So, we moved some furniture around, found the light, and got everyone cozy and she was soon fast asleep. What a sweet little girl. Even though she is a Carolina fan :)

Little one

This little girl was so sleepy during our session. After a few minutes of wide eyes, she closed them and didn't wake up again. It was so much fun! Thanks for contacting me 'S' family.


We had the best weather and sunset for this fall session. I was so happy to take these pictures for this family. I hope you enjoy!

Snips and Snails

I felt such gratitude when I was asked to come back and take one year old birthday pics of these two little guys. Our newborn session was so much fun, I couldn't wait to see what we could do now that they were older! We fought off the mosquitoes and dodged the rain and got some really fun shots. Hope you enjoy!

Becca Boo

My sister-in-law celebrated the birth of her fifth child recently, and I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her in all her sweetness. She was such a little angel and slept almost the whole time! I hope I have a chance to get my camera on her again soon.

Blast from the past

When I was a kid in 6th grade I was terrible at Spanish. I met a very kind 8th grader that tutored me. I thought she was so kind and smart. Fast forward 20 years. Now we both have our own kids, neither of us can remember any Spanish, and she's still kind and smart. Here are the pictures to prove it. Well, at least the part about her having a kid.


I was so excited when I was asked to take family pictures of my pastor and his sweet family. We were rained out of the first date we set, only to be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful leaves during our makeup session. From baseball, to sampling pecans, to collecting all kinds of treasures, we covered it all. I hope you all enjoy!

Down came the rain...

We just barely managed to get in the outdoor family pictures before the rain started falling. I'm so glad that we got a few because the leaves were gorgeous and so much fun to play in!

One year left!

I've really enjoyed all the high school seniors that I've had the opportunity to photograph this summer. This session was no different. After postponing once because of 102 degree temps with the heat index of 115 degrees, we were able to get some wonderful pictures on a cooler breezy morning. I'm so thankful for the wind! It just does great things for pictures! Congrats Meredith! I hope your senior year is wonderful.

The Bakers

I had the honor of taking these pictures several weeks ago. They are old family friends and are walking through a trial in their lives right now. Please take time to read their beautifully written story here. Enjoy.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Two little girls. It's about as far from my world as I can get. With three boys of my own, it's always so much fun to hang out with families that have girls. Their oldest daughter wasn't sure she wanted to have her picture taken, but after showing her what she looked like on the display screen she changed her mind and turned into quite the little model. Adorable!! I hope you like your pictures guys. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Sweet Little Miss

This sweet family welcomed their little girl into the world on the 4th of July! With such a memorable birthday it was only fitting that we take some picture of her in a red white and blue dress. And to top it all off, they have the most beautiful dog! This was such a fun session. Thanks for calling me guys!

Fit for a King

You never know how a family session is going to go, especially with 5 kiddos to photograph and evening approaching. Sometimes when the yawning begins tempers can flare, but not with this sweet family. Everyone was so well behaved! We had a lovely time as the sunset and the air cooled. Even the little one was agreeable until the very very end. You can't ask for more than that! I hope ya'll enjoy.

Welcome baby Tristan!

My youngest son is going to be 2 in August. I think most would agree he's not a baby anymore. I'm so thankful that taking pictures for other families has allowed me precious hours with brand new babies. They are but days old, wrinkled, soft, cuddly, sleepy, and so so sweet. What a wonderful job I have.

I had the privileged of photographing this family last fall and for a maternity session this spring. Now, the newest member has arrived and their family has grown. I hope you enjoy the pics C Family.

First Birthday for two!

This fun party took place and was posted several months ago, but I just realized that I set it to post in 2019, not 2010. I'm sorry R family. I promise I won't make you wait any longer for your "sneak peek" even though you already have the cd. So, here it is...Gantt and Brett Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Little Man

This little man turned one today. To capture his sweetness we headed down to the park and snapped off some pictures. His big brother has been the subject of other photo sessions we've done, but this is his first appearance. I hope you enjoy the pics R family.

...more seniors...

This was a FUN session. Fun. Fun. Fun. Gorgeous girl, great props, sweet dogs, perfect weather. Who could want more? I hope you like your pictures D family. It was wonderful working with you.

Wakefield graduate

Graduation is such a huge milestone, I'm honored to have captured this time in his life. Thank you for trusting me Aunt B. I hope you enjoy them.

Birds and rabbits and chameleons...oh my!

Spring is here and that means it's time for senior portraits. Today's post is about the sweetest girl and her fantastic animals. Miss Alicia wants to be a veterinarian and will be attending NC State in Zoology this fall. After spending just a few minutes with her, it's obvious that the Lord had given her a gentle way with his creation. It was really fun not only taking some pictures of a beautiful girl, but also few of her well loved animals. ( And I was told there were 2 dogs and 2 cats upstairs!) Thanks for trusting me with capturing this special time in your lives!

Baby boy #2!

This sweet family is joyfully expecting baby boy #2 this summer! We had the most wonderful weather and the most amazing flowers blooming for this session. Big brother T was so sweet talking to his little brother and patting mama's tummy. I can hardly wait to meet little brother T and take some newborn pics of him in a couple of months.

Andrew is back...

and he has grown so much since our 6 month session. We had the blessing of some really warm weather and so we headed down to the lake for a little bit. I hope you enjoy this little guy with his hats and his overalls and his sweetness.

The Sams

A childhood friend of mine just had her second set of twins. If ever I had to guess who God would bless with two sets of boy/girl twins, I wouldn't even hesitate before saying this couple. Their love for each other and their family is evident within moments of being around them. I felt honored to capture these moments of their precious little ones. I hope you enjoy.

Baby T and Family

Getting to take pictures of babies that are just days old is one of the highlights of my job. Nothing beats brand new little toes and fingers and noses. You really can't find anything sweeter than wrinkly foreheads and backs and arms. What is more precious than tiny ears and eyes and mouths? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, here you go E Family. Your little man in pictures. (And some of his proud sisters, too.)

Two peas in a pod

A very sweet friend of mine just gave birth to her second set of boy/girl twins. When I was given the opportunity to go to the hospital and take some pictures of them, my heart just melted. One brand new little baby is sweet enough, but you throw another one in the mix and it's all over for me. I could not take enough pictures. Not nearly enough. So, I pleaded with my friend to let me come back later next week to do a full session. They are going to have to kick me out...seriously. So, D Family, I hope you enjoy these pictures. More to come on your cd later this week. See you then!


We met with some friends and snapped some quick pics a little while back when the leaves were just gorgeous. I think we got some really lovely shots. Enjoy.

The L Family

Even though we saw snow this weekend, I was able to get a session in before the weather turned. This family was so kind and flexible. We even got some great pics of their huge sweet dogs! I hope you like your sneak peek L family. It was great working with you.


I had a great time with this little guy and his family one day last month when I think the temperature was about 30 degrees out! But Little Man was all smiles and let me get some great shots anyway. Thanks guys. I'll see you at 9 months!


Fun. If I had to sum up this session in one word it would probably be the word fun. Or maybe funny. Or hysterical. Or perhaps side-splitting, smile-aching, camera-shaking hilarious. I knew when the first question I was asked when the session began was, " Can we take one in front of the fancy toilets?" that we were in for a crazy afternoon. The laughter started then and didn't stop until we parted at the cars...even then I'm pretty sure they were still laughing at my expense. So charming brother and sister, I hope you like your non-traditional, real-life, capture-the- crazy, but throw in some "nice" ones for grandma pictures. I really enjoyed taking them. And laughing until my eyes watered.

...and the winner is...

Back in October I was honored when asked to give a session as a raffle prize for Woman's Day at my church. When I found out this sweet gal was the winner, I was so excited! With Little Man's 1st birthday in December and Christmas just around the corner, we planned an outdoor session and prayed for good weather. The sun started setting on us, but we got some great pics before we lost the light.